Maras – Moray Half Day Tour

Price $50 $40 Half Day
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Maras – Moray Half Day Tour

$50 $40 per person

Leaving Cusco early in the morning and getting ready to explore two small towns that lie in the middle of the Valley between Chinchero and Urubamba town, Maras and Moray. Passed over in favor of the more renowned beauties in the Sacred Valley, these two places provide the perfect chance to get off the beaten track and get more intimate with the Incan history.
Don’t miss the opportunity to get some souvenirs and the salt the local people produce.


Price per Group

Half Day
15+ Age
  • Destination
  • Departure
    In your briefing, we will give the information
  • Departure Time
    Approximately 9:00 AM.
  • Return Time
    Approximately 13:00 PM.
Day 1: Maras-Moray Half Day


The salt mines of Maras are a true hidden beauty of the Sacred Valley, passing green through mountains of rugged Andean terrain. Lying in the middle of inconspicuous mountains, with Sun reflecting on it as though they were snow, the salt flats will stun you with their beauty, shining out like white gold. Depending on what season you travel, you can see pools of water in each section of the salt fields. The salt comes from an underground flow of brine water (mixture of salt and water) that bubbles up from the Qoripujio spring near in an upper section of the valley. An intricate network of narrow channels was built to direct the flow of this salty water into each pond.


we drive North to explore part of the Sacred Valley, amazing views about the snowcaps and the country site of Cusco region to get Moray Inca site, that is located over 3,385 masl or 11,105 ft., 53 km from Cusco (hour and a half driving) another alternative place to show you the incredible ingenuity of Inca knowledge. Experts today consider these grassy amphitheaters served as a farming laboratory. Natural gigantic holes, that were used to build terraces around them with their own irrigation aqueducts. What is very outstanding is the difference in temperature during the year between the upper part and the bottom of the hole, which can be between 15 C° different. Moray town show some of its architecture during the colonial time, having also one of the oldest churches that was built in the Sacred Valley during the sixteen century.